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I'm in!

Startbeitrag von chris am 11.09.2004 01:17

Hi Girls,
Well thanks to all your encouragement and advise I'm in my straps! I just spent 3 hours sailing 20 knots on a 5.5 sail and I was in the straps the whole time. I'm so excited. I'm still playing with control but it will come. It has a different feel to it. I think one of my problems was I was using my arms too much and when I spent a couple of days adjusting to the feel of just harness weight I was then able to get in the straps and stay on the harness lines and not my arms.
Looking forward to the fall out of the latest hurrican that is ripping through the Carebean. I always have mixed feels about hurrican season because what is many peoples misfortune ends up being our good windsurfing weather.


Hey Kris

that's cool. Congratulation. Keep riding on!


von Surfsally - am 12.09.2004 11:32
congratulations!! that's really cool!
still haven't gotten around to windsurfing... so I'm still waiting to measure that distance between mast and footstraps... ;-/
but you seem to be getting there anyway! :-)

hang loose ! tabby

von tabby - am 13.09.2004 10:37
Good Girl!! Congratulations! Keep up the good work! :spos::D


von liz - am 13.09.2004 11:00

thumbs up

Hey Chris,

That is REALLY good news, really cool! :-) :spos: :cool:
I am happy that you found enough encouragement and advice in this forum to finally do it!!! :-)

Take care & ride on,

von AndyWindgirls - am 17.09.2004 21:05
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