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Beginner, please help with advice

Startbeitrag von diana am 05.09.2005 11:12


I would appreciate if you can help me choose the right equipment.
I'we been torturing myself on my husbands board for 3 years, but the sail and mast are too heavy for me.
Now I tried in a windsurfing school on a hifly mambo with kids sail 3.5m2.
They suggested me to buy hifly matrix s and 4.5 m sail. I was thinking about 5.5 m sail but I'm not sure if I can deal with it.
I'm 162 cm high and have 52 kg. Can you help me to choose the right thing?



Hi Diana,

Hifly Matrix is 78/265 cm and has 143 litres of volume and 12,4 kg, right?
Well, with 4,5 m sail, it seems like a good gear to start with. But only to start. There is no way you can plane with that board and 4,5 sail.
I think that with those 3 years you have already learned something. At least the direcion of wind and maybe some balance and coordination. If you can go back and forth with your husbands board or with any board in the windsurf school, then at least I would recommend a smaller and lighter board than this Hifly one. You only weight 52 kilos so you should be able to manage with smaller board.
Some large freestyle board for example. 115 - 125 litres with 4,5 - 5,5 m sail.
I (50 kg) started with (thanks to windgirls.com and Andy! :spos: ) 114 l Fanatic Skate and 5,4 NeilPryde NR (terribly old and heavy sail). A bit difficult, but totally possible. I really think that this would be a better choice than some big and heavy board.

Good luck and don't give up!! :xcool:


von liz - am 06.09.2005 08:31

try smaller/lighter

Hello Diana,

Just as Liz said: Try to find a lighter board, with less volume and more potential to advance faster. Eg. a 120 liter board with a light 5.0/5.3 rig would be a good choice!

Almost as important: Do not believe everything heavy males say - usually they cannot antizipate what a 52-kilo-rider needs, even if they are excellent sailors themselves. -> try to exchange experiences and tipps with other girls, eg here in this forum! :-)

Nice to have you here, Andy

von AndyWindgirls - am 08.09.2005 21:45
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