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a letter to Santa...

Startbeitrag von Alice am 24.11.2005 22:09

:-) ...imagine Santa Claus could read in this forum... What would be your biggest wish for xmas? (Of course besides our brandnew windgirls T-shirt collection: [shop.windgirls.com]! :cool:) A new board, new sail? To do your first jibe, waveride, airjibe or even loop next saison? More wind, less work? Or what about Mr. Right to rig your sails in 2006? Let us know!

...and may all your wishes come true!


my biggest wish would be to go on a windsurf-trip round the world with more than 4 bft. every day and which starts just at christmas-eve.
and of course, i'd need much more equipment to go on this journey, so i'd also need a smaller and more radical wave board and some new sails.
would be great...
so, who wants to fulfill my wish?? :-)
greets, josy

von josy - am 28.11.2005 13:18

Dear Santa,

Dear Santa,
I'm not really sure what to ask from you for next year. By giving me small equipment and the loop, you have fulfilled almost all my wishes by now.
But dear Santa, for next year, can you please give us more wind and more time on the water. That's what really matters, isn't it?
Oh, and an airjibe would be nice too, you know.. :xcool:

Greetings from,

von Liz - am 03.12.2005 14:33
Hi Josy,

did Santa fullfill one of your wishes? Perhaps a brandnew sail :-)


von Alice - am 08.01.2006 22:52
Santa got me into a windsurfing contest in Japan. Pretty damn cool!

von Temira Wagonfeld - am 13.01.2006 05:18
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