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Tips on pushloops

Startbeitrag von Janine am 10.01.2006 18:52

Hi, & Happy New Year! :)

Anyone going for push loops & got any handy tips?! All I've heard is you should throw your head back into the rotation & pull down on your front hand. Would love any feedback from you girls on cracking this move.




Way to go on tackling the pushloop! It's scary, but not really that hard.

Pick a very steep piece of chop/wave. Don't try the pushloop off marginal waves - it's much harder that doing backs off marginal waves. Jump!

Keep your front hand close to your body.

Look hard, that is, throw your head, and look over your shoulder/back. This is a much more defined movement than looking over your shoulder for a back loop. When you twist your head and look over your back (think, trying to see your butt!), your body will follow.

Now comes the scary part. Try and get your body over your sail. DO NOT LET GO at this point. If you land on your sail and are holding the boom, you will be ok. Landing on the booms hurts, so keep both hands on the boom to protect yourself. This is the point where you will crash and put your knees/hook/head through your sail (I ruined three sails in one summer!). Not to push my sponsor, but I highly recommend you borrow someone's Hot Sails Superfreak when learning this move. I gave up after my first summer trying, because it was getting to expensive breaking monofilm sails. The worst I did to my superfreak was put a small hole in the dacron. Kept sailing all day. (end of advertisement, but seriously, it's a good idea)

When you are over the sail, basically parallel to the water, tuck up your knees and shove your pelvis forward. Keep your arms in front of you, where you can see them.

Stick the move!

Do not be afraid to throw high push loops. Over-rotating is much nicer than under-rotating.

As for the "push" in pushloop, I think it is a misnomer. For me, it is the pelvis thrust at the end that stops the rotation and brings me back to vertical.

Good Luck!

von Temira Wagonfeld - am 13.01.2006 05:16
Hi Temira!

Thanks very much for your detailed reply, that is all very helpful :-)

Like you say its easy to damage sails - put my knee thru the bottom panel on my first go! Now I've got a clearer picture of the head looking back action, its time to start going for it (tho its hard to be loose right now in UK Winter!) I guess with backloops you look more sideways & subtly, & with pushies you look back vertically with oomph?!

How did the Japan comp go for you? What moves are you working on now?

Hope you're getting some great sailing,


von Janine - am 13.01.2006 16:09
...as your wish and interest is our command :-) ...
...a pushloop how to with helpful tips accompanied by very instructional photos is on the way!

For the training of our most radical and advanced windgirls, and for the pleasure and ispiration of all the others!


von AndyWindgirls - am 24.01.2006 22:45
That's fantastic! Thanks Andy :rp:

Something to keep us inspired thru these cold Winter weeks - you can always count on Windgirls!


von Janine - am 26.01.2006 21:48
Hi Janine,

Best of luck with the pushloop. It really is the funnest move around once you get it!

I made it to the second round at the Japan comp, and then got destroyed by last year's champion. Not so bad, since I was the only girl in the event, not to mention the only person who didn't speak Japanese!

It was about 5 degrees celscius at the contest. Too cold, as far as I'm concerned. I did meet lots of cool windsurfing women while we huddled around the stove in the back of my friend's bread truck.



von Temira - am 09.02.2006 03:43

Thanks for providing the "Push-Loop How to" with a great photo sequence for clear visualisation!
Especially great that it comes along with Temira's motivating article. Good advice on wearing a 5mm wetsuit to protect you from impacts from crash landing these jump manouvres! I had some massive bruises trying stalled forwards in Barbados wearing shorts - ouch!

I feel all set to go for it even more this year, as I'm sure other Windgirls do reading your pages.

Thanks again!


von Janine - am 22.02.2006 19:46
Great to hear you like it and find our recent additions helpful! :-)
Cheers, Andy

von AndyWindgirls - am 28.02.2006 21:36
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