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Janine, Tabea

South Africa with kids for Janine

Startbeitrag von Tabea am 10.02.2006 12:01

Hey Janine,

You once asked if anyone could recommend South Africa with kids for windsurfing. Well, as you know, I've just been there with my 6 month old son and it was simply awesome! I met so many families with kids (actually a whole bunch from England) and we all agreed that it was a really great spot to combine family and windsurfing. The wind was simply never ending (so when we took turns you didn't have to worry that when you finally got to go the wind would drop) and in between we had a babysitter (a friend we knew from our previous stay who runs a B&B) which allowed us lots of sailing together.

One of the families actually put up a notice for a babysitter and they got an excellent girl studying education who was really good with children.

On days with no wind there's so much to do, so you'd never get bored, but the wind's always blowing anyway!!! ;o) Check out www.stehsegelrevue.com - pic of the day and you'll find every second pic from S.A. (Big Bay, Sunset, Cape Town, Eilands Bay, Platboom, Melkbos to name some of the spots.

Unfortunately I sprained my foot really bad on the last day (thank goodness on my last day!) attempting my first front loop... I was too scared and stopped rotating...

Hope your spring comes soon so you can get back on the water!

Hang loose, Tabea


Hi Tabea,

Thanks for getting back to me on this & sorry to hear about your foot - hope it mends soon for you.
Good effort going for forwards, & better luck for your next attempt. It is daunting at the start but you've proved you've got it in you.

Sounds good for S Africa with kids!

Maybe you met my English friend Ruth Elliot out there? She's just got Simmer sponsorship & is planning doing some PWA events this year. At home we sail together in Wales & like all you Windgirls, she's a great source of inspiration & encouragement!

In fact this year me & my husband tried a different approach - we've both been away for a week without the family, sailing in Barbados with friends instead. You get alot more time on the water but its strange not being 'Mum' for a whole week! We managed to get a flight last minute so we knew the wind forecast was good. It was paradise sailing those warm turquoise waves!
Now I'm home its windy again, but only 7oC, brrr!

Maybe we'll get to S Africa next year, but Mauritius is also looking very tempting (I'll have to start saving!).

Hope you're back on the water soon.


von Janine - am 11.02.2006 13:03
Hi Janine

I'm sure I saw your friend, Ruth, but I didn't speak to her in person. There are so many people out there as you can imagine. But this year really saw some GREAT windgirls ripping the waves in South Africa and the atmosphere among the ladies was so cool. We were all encouraging one another to go for more and push on in hard core conditions. :-)

WOW - Barbados sounds wonderful! Actually, we've got an invitation to go to a friend's house there for free, which we might take advantage of in a year or so. We heard that the winds on Barbados aren't as reliable as let's say South Africa, but it does sound good when the wind is blowing and the waves seem to be awesome. We'll see. :-)

My foot's still hurting a lot, but I wouldn't go windsurfing on our frozen lakes anyway!!! ;o)

Hang loose, Tabea

von Tabea - am 19.02.2006 17:16
Hi Tabea,

I'd love to have the opportunity to sail with all you girls going for it in S Africa. The conditions there look pretty challenging & with that kind of vibe going around it is ideal for getting the best out of everyone!

The winds aren't very reliable in Barbados, there seem to be good seasons & poor ones - this year has been consistently good by all accounts so its worth checking that out before you go. I would say that Barbados is more a fun wavesailing venue than a testing one (tho it can have its epic days!). Its certainly a good family holiday & when the wind is blowing you can get some good cross-off conditions first thing in the morning & last thing in the evening.

Have you been following RICE for your foot? (rest, ice, compression, elevation). Try not to do too much if its still swollen. I'd recommend getting some Sports Therapy - did this when I sprained my foot ligaments & managed to knock a month off the recovery time!

Wishing you & your family all the best! :)


von Janine - am 19.02.2006 17:53
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