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Alice, Johanna

I'm looking for a travel companion!!!!

Startbeitrag von Johanna am 21.02.2006 18:16

hi there!
I got a big big question:
This summer I'd want to go on a windsurf holiday for two weeks. My favourite destination would be Madagascar.
But unfortunately one part of my friends don't like windsurfing or isn't able to stand on the board for more than 15 seconds, while the other half has no money or already planned to go somewhere else.
So now I'm looking for someone who also would like to have a windsurfing holiday, because traveling alsone isn't very funny and a single-room always costs more than a double-room.
As I already said, my favourite destination would be Madagascar and my holidays last from july to october.
So, maybe there's someone who is also looking for a travel companion???

Greetings, Johanna


Hi Johanna,

Just curious: Did you have any contacts already?
Perhaps you should provide some more details about yourself and your plans... :-)

Best of luck, Alice

ps: Liebe Gruesse von Wien nach innsbruck!

von Alice - am 07.03.2006 20:34
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