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Small wave boards

Startbeitrag von Janine am 15.10.2006 21:04


I'm looking for a change from my Starboard Acid 62, & was thinking about the Naish wave 60 litre (2006). It'd be great to hear what any girls think of this board, or other small wave boards, to help me choose the right one.

The conditions I'll be using it in are: strong winds (25-35 mph), usually big, on-shore waves, tho' sometimes gusty, cross-shore winds & clean waves.

Would love to hear from you girls! :-)

Thanks alot,



Hey Janine

I wish I could help you...! I've been looking for a small wave board myself for over a year now! :rolleyes:
Not happy with the acid 62 anymore or have the many seasons in strong winds and waves taken its toll on your board??? :rp:

Good luck in finding something approriate!

von Tabby - am 01.11.2006 17:38
Hi Tabby, thanks for your reply! :)

Actually I do still really like my Acid 62, its just I'm curious about other boards, especially ones in the newer, wider shape as I mostly sail on-shore waves & would like to get more out of my top turns! Apart from several tail repairs (due to pilot error!) the 62 is proving to be a tough little board. Good thing, as there seems to be little in the low 60 litre range this year. I've heard quite alot of other girls are missing the Diva 62 version. The Evo is such a different board, I tried one once, but prefer not to go so far from the pure wave design as an Evo.

I'm also having lots of trouble getting hold of a Pryde winter wetsuit this year. Again there seems to be little choice in UK for a top of the range (flexible, fully taped) winter suit. There are already sailable days at 8oC here - too cold for a Summer suit.

Hope you're getting some good (warm) sailing!


von Janine - am 02.11.2006 14:58
Hi Janine

Yeah, there sure does seem to be little in the 60 range. I guess I'll end up getting a custom made one!!! ;) ... money, honey ... :)

Unfortunately I only had 5 good weeks of sailing in SA beg. of this year. But better than nothing. Hope to get around to more windsurfing next year!!! Now I just have to drag myself through this winter with no bright star on the horizon like other years (SA). :(

Good luck in finding a warm wetsuit and board!

Hang loose, Tabby

von Tabby - am 03.11.2006 08:56

Thanks for your kind wishes Tabby! :) Managed to get a nice Ripcurl suit in time for the colder sailing we're getting now. Lots of wind in Wales this month - lucky for me I just recovered from a sprained ankle in time. (My 3rd windsurfing injury for 3 consecutive Autumns!).

I still haven't made it to SA. Glad you had some good sailing there this year & hope you get some more sailing soon.

Isn't it great the number of girls going for it these days? - as the big turn out at the Aloha classic proves.

Have fun, :cheers:

von Janine - am 25.11.2006 19:04


Hello Janine,

Just read about your new Ripcul suit...
Is it this one?

(I wonder what a "Water release system" is... :-) :-) )

How does it work on colder days? Have you been able to test it?

Thanks a lot & take care,

ps: Yes, really great to see how many (semi)pro windgirls go for it in competition these days. Still nobody seems to have considered the girls fleet to get the chance of a double elimination instead of the boys at the Aloha... But hey - think pink!

von Alice - am 27.11.2006 19:24

Re: wetsuit

Hi Alice,

I wish it was that one! But actually its the Ladies E bomb 5/3 - a surfing wetsuit, so not smooth skin. However it is very flexible & warm, tho it is more affected by windchill than my old suit - NP 5000 series 5/3 which was totally smooth skin. Trouble with that suit was it was so flexible, it tore when you were trying to put it on, & I've been waiting for a replacement under warranty for 6 months! :confused:

The Ripcurl suit is great with a batwing entry system, so toasty warm! Also a good fit for a small person like me, & I will look into the suit that you found on their website.

Cheers! :-)


von Janine - am 28.11.2006 08:32

Hi Janine,

I used to have a Goya 64l waveboard from 2001. I really loved that board as it was planing very early and still controleable on flat water. The reason I got rid of it was that I found it hard to do bottom turns with it as the board preferred front foot riding.
I now have a Naish 62l CompWave from 2003 , the really girly pink one ;-) That board turns much easier when sailing over the back foot, although it does not plane that super early. I heard from a friend that the 2006 Naish boards are a bit easier sailing then the Comp Waves were
I am looking to sell my pink board nowadays to try one of the new pocket wave shapes cause these really interest me.

I hope this helps you a little bit.



von Steffi Wuerz - am 05.12.2006 09:31
Hi Steffi,

Thanks for your helpful reply :-) Would like to hear what you think of the pocket wave board if you get one! Actually my Acid 62 has been great lately in the strong winds & huge swell we've had rolling in on the Wales coast, & I've been able to get more out of my top turns by going lots faster! So will hang onto this board for now.

Hope you score some good conditions!



von Janine - am 06.12.2006 19:31
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