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Mitsubishi Colt 1.3 GLX em portugues

Startbeitrag von propeler am 11.05.2001 02:56

tenho um mits colt e cá em portugal não encontro material para este carro. será k me podem ajudar??



Hablar tú inglés ?
adiós !

von Harti - am 11.05.2001 20:37
Sorry about the portuguese. I have a colt (CJO) and i can't find anything to my car here in portugal. I would like to know were can i find something to improve my car.

von Rodrigo Alves - am 12.05.2001 12:11
Hallo !
It isn't much better here in germany, but have a look to the left side and klick the "Tuning" Button. There are lots of shops and dealers. You can also have a look to www.rpw.com.au , a dealer from australia, who's spezialized in jap-vehikles, or maybe, if your looking for tuning-chips, to [superchip2000.members.easyspace.com], a supplier from switzerland. At www.dbilas-dynmic.de maybe you can find camshafts. I hope you'll find something you need.
With my best regards

von Harti - am 14.05.2001 01:33
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