Colt, Mivec, UK

Startbeitrag von Keith am 16.06.2001 16:02

Sorry i can't speak German but i have a wee question.

I've been looking at the [] web site and was wondering if a Mivec 1.6 engine could fit in to a standard British Colt. ie a CA0, Or a CJ0. ie would there have to be any major Body modifications.

This is a great website. I wish I had taken pictures of my last Colt C50's. My First one was a 1.3 Automatic and my second was a 1.8 GTI. Great cars.


Hi Keith !
The Mivec engine was never sold in germany, so don't worry about missing answers to your question. But I think it's built up on a basic 4G92 engine. So it shouldn't be much larger.
Bye Harti

von Harti - am 21.06.2001 01:55
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