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MIVEC engine

Startbeitrag von Rodrigo am 15.08.2001 21:52

Hi, i would like to know how har is to get a Mits 1.6 Mivec engine to put in my colt
and also if it's possible



Hi Rodrigo !
As the MIVEC engine wasn't ever sold in Germany, don't worry if no one answers to your question. Theoratically it must be possible to fit the engine to a CA0, because it's very similar to the 4G92 engine, which gave the basic. Maybe have a look at the picture areas on this site. I think there was a picture of a CA0 with the MIVEC engine put in.
Bye Harti

von Harti - am 16.08.2001 01:56
Hi Rodrigo,

I had a little talk with a RalliArt representative some time ago. One topic during our conversation was why the Mivec engine isn´t available in europe or the US directly via Mitsubishi or via RalliArt. The main point was that the Mivec Engine is not capable of longer high rev periods as it would shorten the engines life drastically. As there is a very strict speed limit in japan, this is no problem over there. At least this is how I understood him, he pointed out some other reasons but this was the main point.
I think it is easier to fit a 4G63T engine out of a Galant VR4 or Eclipse Turbo in a CA0.
For this there´s also alot of info on miragetuner.com in the FAQ´s.

I think this is the article:


There should also be a part list and a howto by EvilEvo93 somewhere.

Hope it helps.

von Torsten - am 16.08.2001 09:13
Hi Rodrigo,

I just found a post ín the Messageboard of Dreamwater.com/mirage1 cocerning an engine Swap with a Mivec engine


Nothing concrete but at least something to start off with and the cost of a Mivec engine is mentioned: 2500 US $ plus shipping from Australia.


von Torsten - am 16.08.2001 12:07
Harti das Bild war doch vom CJ0 mit Mivecmotor, wenn du den roten meinst oder gabs noch eins?

Gruß Sascha

von Sascha - am 16.08.2001 18:48
Thank you for your help. i'm going to try the engine swap but first i have to get the necessery amout of many that requires.


von Rodrigo - am 17.08.2001 15:54
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