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a question about AT/MT

Startbeitrag von Toshiro Osawa am 20.08.2001 20:11


I am a Japanese man, and I have a question about car.

In Japan, almost all people choice AT car, and AT cars/all cars ratio is over 90%.
but in German or in Europe, almost all people choice MT cars.
Why you choice MT cars?
I love MT, and my car is SUBARU LEGACY WAGON 1.8l with MT.

but many Japanese people think "MT is dull, AT is easy and comfort"
What do you think about this opinion?

I want to here about the opinion of Germans, so I write this thema.
I am glad if it answers.
sorry for my poor english, and I cannot read and write German, sorry.

Toshihiro Osawa


Hello Toshiro,

my english ist bad too :D but i can say that an AT the BEST is. I´m the owner of an ´91 Galant E33 with 290.000 Kilometers and have no problems with the AT.

I think that in Austria (and Germany :confused:) the most people think, that AT is only for old or sick people. I´m 32 Jears old and in best Health and buy NEVER AGAIN a car with MT.

Best wishes to Japan, the Country of BEST CARS (Mitsubishi) in the World :D


von Mitsubishiclub Oberösterreich - am 20.08.2001 21:10
Hi Toshihiro!!

Here's another one speaking bad english!! :D

The most people I know are driving MT-Cars!! Me to, I would never drive a car with AT, because I want to have fun with my car!! And for me, it's more fun to change the gears manually, it's "feeling" better!!

There is just one exception: The Stop and Go Driving!!! At this time, I would really be glad to drive an AT-Car!!

Maybe this is just my oppinion in my early years of driving (I'm having my driving license since 1999), who knows, what will be in ten or fifteen years??

A lot of greetings to you and your country....just one question: Can you send me me one Ca4A 1600 Mirage Cyborg?? ;) It's nearly impossible to buy it here in Germany!!

So long,



von Dennis - am 20.08.2001 21:48
Hi Toshihiro.

Why there are so different opinions about AT or MT, i don't know. But i like driving with MT, because i like to change the gears manually. I can't image what to do with an AT car, what should i do with my right hand and left foot? I like to shift the gears up and down, I am addicted of shifting the gears. :-)

By the way, how did you find this website?

Greetings to the Land of the rising Sun

Bye Maik

von Mad Max - am 20.08.2001 22:37

Blöde Frage

Sorry, vielleicht bin ich dumm aber ich kann mit AT und
MT nix anfangen.
Was bedeutet des?

von Maddiehn - am 21.08.2001 06:55

Re: Blöde Frage

Automatik und Manuell Schaltung ( Wahr gar nicht so Blöd )

von Alexander - am 21.08.2001 06:57

Re: Blöde Frage

Danke Alexander!

Ja für mich kommt da, (jetz wo ich weiss was es bedeutet) nur MT in Frage! :-)

von Maddiehn - am 21.08.2001 07:32

Re: Blöde Frage

AT= Automatic Transmission (dt.Automatik)
MT= Manual Transmission (dt. Handschaltung)


von Chaos C60 - am 21.08.2001 08:50
My English is not so good, too. So I hope you can understand me.

I thing MT is better, because you have more fun to drive a car.

AT is boring, your right hand and your left foot has nothing to do. Thats my oppinion.

Have a nice day


von Chaos C60 - am 21.08.2001 08:53

Re: Blöde Frage

Für mich im Prinzip auch, bei den Babies, die wir fahren.
Aber wenn du mal´n Benz mit 230 PS oder n Porsche 996 mit Automatik fährst--hat auch was, glaubs mir.....:p:


von Tom(blackcolt) - am 21.08.2001 09:59

Re: Blöde Frage

Ja, da kann ich wirklich nur recht geben. Habe das Fahren mit Automatik erst bei meinem alten Ami schätzen gelernt. 8 Liter Hubraum und nicht ganz originale 386 PS. Da muß man mit der Kupplung erst mal die Kraft dosiert auf die Straße bringen :confused: also Automatik :D

Aber ich muß ehrlich sagen, daß auch mein Galant genug Leistung für die Automatik hat. Und Fahrspaß habe ich damit mehr als genug :D


von Mitsubishiclub Oberösterreich - am 21.08.2001 10:16

Thank You very much!!

Thank you very much for your kindnesses!

I love MT, I like to change gears, heel and toe is puresure for me.
but I believe technology,
and AT accept the possibility of sick people or old people have fun with driving.

By the way,
My father had employeed by Porsche dealer in Japan,
and he sais that 2000 years Porsche 911 turbo's AT rate is over 90%!!
and almost all import car "VW, Mercedes, Opel, BMW etc." AT rate is,
also over 90%.
Can you believe this situation?

I think, car is only "goods" for almost Japanese, and there is no fun to drive.
"Stop and Go" situation is usually in Japan,
and AT system's reliability is higher and higher.
These factors and car culture and history is the reason of high AT rate in Japan
I think.

I also send e-mail to webmasters of car sites in UK,
they said "our car history has always been MT, and AT have only ten years history"
It is very Englishman's opinion I think.

thank you very much and may your life with cars will be happy!
but I cant send Mirage 1600 Cyborg, sorry ;)

Toshihiro Osawa

von Toshihiro Osawa - am 21.08.2001 11:46
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