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Evo in Colt

Startbeitrag von karim am 16.01.2002 23:27

Has anyone tried to swap evo engine in colt.


Iam looking forward to try this if I win a lottery!! *lol*

von DerGecko - am 17.01.2002 10:26

Because i think to swap the engine ist not a big problem, the front-end of an Evo6 and the actual Colt are nearly equal.
You need a stronger transmission (possible 2.4 GDI Galant or V6?) and modofied or custom build driveshafts, but it is still just a 2 weehl front drive car with 280hp... i think this causes a loss of traction ;-)
You can also transfer your 2WD Colt into a fourweehler, change the complete floopan and many other things.....to much work i guess.
Buy a 1.6 4X4 Colt, that would make the whole conversion much easier, so its possible to adapt the evo6 transmission and fourwheeldrive. But i'm not sure if the rear evo6 Differentialunit replaces the stock Colt Diff without any modifications.

Ask the people at www.ralliart.de they built a Colt with the complete Evo Drivetrain for a customer.....


von Dino Egli_CH - am 17.01.2002 11:15
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