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Startbeitrag von Pacman am 10.12.2002 17:35

Für alle Sales-Trader :D :D :D
A tourist walked into a pet store and was looking at the animals on display...... While he was there, the head trader from a local investment bank walked in and said to the shopkeeper, "I'll take a trader monkey, please." The man nodded, went to a cage at the side of the store and took out a monkey. He put a collar and leash on the animal and handed it to the trader, saying, "That'll be $1,000."

The trader paid and left with the monkey. Surprised, the tourist went to the shopkeeper and said, "That was a very expensive monkey. Most of them are only a few hundred dollars. Why did that one cost so much?"

The shopkeeper answered, "Ah, that's a trader monkey, he can make markets in stocks, cross trades and show a profit for his efforts, all with no mistakes. It's well worth the money."

The tourist spotted a monkey in another cage. "That one's even more expensive?? 10,000! What does it do?" "Oh, that one is a "Research Supervisor" monkey; it can anage the research product, motivate the staff at all levels and even do most of the paperwork. "A very useful monkey indeed," replied the shopkeeper.

The tourist looked around a little longer and found a third monkey in a cage. The price tag read, "$50,000". The shocked tourist exclaimed, "That one costs more than all the others put together! What in the world could it do?" "Well, I never actually seen him doing anything except drinking beer and playing with his dick, but his papers say he's an Institutional Salestrader!"

Cheerio, Pacman :aetsch:


der ist aber gemein! (oT)


von SpeedMaster - am 10.12.2002 18:12

irgendwo hatte ich den auch mal auf deutscht *g* (oT)


von Xorron - am 10.12.2002 19:04

Ich dachte, die anderen sagten "Chef" zu ihm! (oT)


von KGBull - am 13.12.2002 10:15
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