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DX5 Performance Patches

Startbeitrag von Oliver Wheeldon am 21.02.2010 14:46

I've just bought a DX5, complete with the original ROM Cartridges (A+B).

I've successfully restored the internal Voice patch data from the two ROM cartridges. However, the Performance ROM Cartridge is missing and this DX5 seems to have no Performance patch data as it stands (somebody must have wiped them all at some point).

I'd be most grateful if someone could tell me where I can buy a DX5 Performance ROM Cartridge at a sensible price, or even maybe send me a sysex file for the original performance patch data so that I can restore it.




Update on Performance Patch request...

I no longer require the two DX1/DX5 performance ROMS, as Yamaha UK were kind enough to provide me with two of them free of charge from their old stock shelf.

For a synth dating back to 1984, this is totally fantastic service from Yamaha support staff to still have these spares and provide them FOC.


von Oliver Wheeldon - am 04.04.2010 11:09
Hi Oliver,

I recently became I DX1 owner and would love to restore the 64 Factory Performances.
Would you be willing to upload a sysex dump of these from your DX and email them to me?

After reading your post I contacted Yamaha USA with the hopes of getting these cartridges myself, but as of 1997 they don't stock them anymore.

Perhaps you can tell me who helped you at Yamaha UK? Because I would certainly be happy to buy them if they still have them!

Much thanks,

von Epoxy2600 - am 10.09.2010 18:38
Did anyone upload the Factory programs and performances to a known location?

Am willing to host them as a backup once acquired

von jeffrey needham - am 21.10.2016 06:09
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