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Startbeitrag von Honda am 10.08.2002 19:43



I think that there are a tremendous number of impeccable vocalists out there.
Lutricia McNeal's voice will never be remembered as an equal to Etta James
or Ella or any of the true icons.
Having said that, after carefully listening to " metroplex " , some serious
qualities - unexpected or not - really occurs.
Adlibs, wails and tonation - listen to " papa said " - strikes a trained ear as
surprisingly rich in flava and depth. Of course, some tracks could have been left out, or better yet: SHOULD have been left out, if quality was the objection here...
" dreadlock refugee " is n o t a quest for soul or sincerity, merely an attempt to
catch a quick summerhit. Not a totally bad idea in these days and times.
What one wonders is how " metroplex " would have sounded if the artist herself
would have had her own total say so...

von Roger Fish - am 12.08.2002 22:00
Hi Honda - great to see you here on the website. Keep on checking this page for the latest info on Lutricia. I also think that Melanie Thornton was incredible. I even talked about her with Lutricia when I met her last month in Cologne.

Hi Roger Fish - basically I think that Lutricia has had a great impact on the METROPLEX result as she co-wrote many of the songs. It's true that had she done the record for herself, the CD might have been a little bit more R&B-like.
"Dreadlock Refugee" is in my opinion a classic summertune. I like the song a lot and to be really honest, I don't think any of the songwriters wanted to create a soulful or profound hit with this. It's just what it is - a FUN song.
I think METROPLEX has very different music styles and that's why the album IS called Metroplex because it combines so many music elements.
In my opinion Lutricia has got the potential to become a legendary icon, on the other hand you have to see how many talented artists out there will never be really recognized.

Greetings to everyone -JAMIE

von JAMIE - am 13.08.2002 10:47
HI JAMIE your Homepage for LUTRICIA is Perfect!!! I Wish you all the best Jamie!! BYE BYE HONDA

von Honda - am 13.08.2002 22:20
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