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laurent, Jamie Stevens

hi Jamie still here!

Startbeitrag von laurent am 14.08.2002 21:18

hi Jamie!
Hope you're fine.i thank you for your mail, really kind.I had so busy times those last days,but i often check the news.
i can't remember if i sent you all my cd covers,but maybe no,missed on the dis cography.
then i promise to send you a complete,as possible,list of remixes.
Now i'm waiting for my japan Perfect love copy,that must be on my way on this friday,with a different pic cover (i will send)
i will order the german copy on these next days (i'm waiting for 3 different orders)with a double 12".
well i wish a real good "Metroplex days" to every Lutricious fans.


Hi Laurent,
it's great to hear from you.
You found a Japanese single of PERFECT LOVE with a different cover??? That's cool. You gotta send me a scan so I can add it to the discography. I think that Japan will soon release PERFECT LOVE as their official next single... I'm not sure I just assume.
But I do have some exciting news. I know what will be Lutricia's next single here in Germany. It's gonna be "YOU SHOWED ME." Just heard those news and that it will be release on October 7. I don't know if Sweden goes for the same single, I think they'll do.
What do you think of their decision? Will "YOU SHOWED ME" be a big hit in Europe? I hope so much that she will be a big success all over Europe. What a shame that they don't release her new CDs in France. Poor Laurent, now you have to pay those high import prices.
Hey, did you read Lutricia's message on her guestbook. She wrote she was in the studio this week. So hopefully we'll have some cool extra tracks on the European METROPLEX CD.
Greetings -JAMIE

von Jamie Stevens - am 14.08.2002 21:24
hi Jamie
that's so cool for this new i really adore YOU SHOWED ME.i bought the japanese edition yet and the remixes are quite cool but not enough different from the album vers.
doesn't really matter for imports,i buy everything i found (oh am i crazy?).there is a long time that i do not waiting for french products,i think here they unfortunately do not appreciate the good voice.i also do love ROBIN S (a lot) do you know her?
i had to go and check my letter-box.
see you soon

von laurent - am 16.08.2002 08:45
Hi Laurent,
yes I do remember Robin S. Only her name though. She had a few hits in 1993 here in Germany.
I think the European edition of YOU SHOWED ME will be pretty different too. Definitely a new cover and I assume maybe some new remixes.... who knows.
Can't wait to see Lutricia perform on the Ringfest tomorrow!!

Greetings -JAMIE

von Jamie Stevens - am 16.08.2002 15:50

received PERFECT LOVE japan copy

hi Jamie
received the japan PERFECT LOVE copy yesterday so look at your mail i send you a scan of cover.
so lucky guy(?),i would like to see her as you...wish you a great time,don't forget to tell her that i'm her biggest french fan if you could meet Lutricia again.
hope you don't have inundation trouble in your area.that's really upsetting.

von laurent - am 17.08.2002 11:33

don't need pic

just check the disco. page japan cover yet

von laurent - am 17.08.2002 11:38
Hi Laurent,
when you posted your message I was already in Cologne. But next time I'll send Lutricia some greetings from you. I met her for a few minutes in the hotel. She was really busy doing interviews and then they had to leave for another performance. But as always she was a real sweetheart and her performance was SUPERB!!!!
I have to see, in time I may find a different web space where I can store some videos because then I could upload videos of what I filmed.
Does anybody know a good webspace that is for free and has no ads?
Greetings -JAMIE

von Jamie Stevens - am 18.08.2002 08:18
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