Wrong or right - Lyrics

Startbeitrag von Tanja am 09.06.2003 14:26

Hi all,

I am desperately searching for the lyrics of "Wrong or right" - can someone
please help me?

Thank you in advance!


PS: Lutricia is the best!!!


I'm looking for that lyric desperatlytoo;-( And i can't find it!!!!!!!! If somebody tell u where you can find it could you tell me that please!!!!!!!!
Have A Nice Day

von Hannah - am 10.06.2003 09:59
By popular request, here are finally the lyrics for WRONG OR RIGHT:

How come every picture on the evening news
Always leads you to someone dying
And how come every story that I hear from you
Makes my brown eyes blue
Leaves me crying

When you look behind their eyes can you see it there?
Cause it's everywhere
There's gotta be an answer

What is wrong what is right
Why is it always black or white
What about the middle or in between
What does it mean?

Oh tell me - what does it mean?

How come each decision must be do or don't
Must be will or won't
And never maybe
It seems we need permission just to hesitate
If we sit and wait
Are we crazy?

Baby I'm afraid that when we leave no room for doubt
They'll just take you out
There's gotta be an answer

repeat chorus

They might make you run from a barrel of a gun
But someday baby they might push too hard
Maybe then they'll learn why this woman won't be turned
Cause they can't steal the love that's in your heart

von webmaster-admin - am 16.06.2003 20:29
Thank you very very much! ;-)

Tanja (happy)

von Tanja - am 17.06.2003 16:25
-They might make you run from a barrel of a gun-
r u sure, these r the right words?
then y do i hear smth like that:
they might ??? barrel of gun,
just to see how fast u run

von nb - am 25.07.2003 17:01
" ...they might pull a gun just to see how fast you run..."

It´´s funny that someone noticed this since I work for a german TV station
and needed the lyrics for the light etc when Lutricia McNeal was on our show.
I have already loved the song from the radio so this was cool to meet her also.
She is a very nice and also funny person when you meet her.

von wiseguy - am 26.07.2003 14:50
-They might make you run from a barrel of a gun-

I understand she sings just that.
What do you guys understand?

von Torben - am 26.07.2003 15:43
" ...they might pull a gun just to see how fast you run..."
now i hear it like this too ... thanks :Dnb wrote:

von nb - am 19.09.2003 14:22
I like this song so much.All summer its on my mind and it is very sad
but it also makes me happy at the same time.

von Pingo - am 19.09.2003 15:24
To œwietna wokalistka bez dwóch zdañ ! A ta piosenka poprostu wzrusza...Nie no na serio nie mo¿na powiedzieæ o niej nic z³ego.Bardzo mi siê podoba,a jak ktoœ uwa¿a inaczej niech jej nie s³ucha !

von Daria - am 22.03.2004 13:33
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