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Balkan DX-er

Information about the radio stations in Serbia, Greece, Bulgaria and FYROM

Startbeitrag von Balkan DX-er am 03.09.2007 11:18

Hello from Sofia, Bulgaria! I hope you don't mind me writing in English. Ich kann auch Deutsch lesen und schreiben aber nicht so gut...

I have been living in Strasbourg, Alsace, France till 2005 and I used quite often the information www.ukwtv.de provided when dx-ing in the region. But when I came to Bulgaria, I wasn't able to use the site because the information it gives about the countries in the region (Bulgaria, FYROM, Romania, but especially Serbia and Greece) is very old - most of the frequencies listed don't exist, and the powers given in kw for many transmitters are much higher than in reality. For example 89,3, 96,9 and 103,5 from Jastrebac certainly don't transmit with 130 kw after the NATO-bombings in 1999... Today their power is not higher than 10 kw.

I have found some interesting links which could be useful to make some updates here.

Here you can see the new frequencies of the five private radio and TV-networks which have national coverage in Serbia since last year and the new radio and TV-stations which are transmitting in Belgrade.

And that are the so-called "local frequencies" for which the open competition is still in progress (we should know the names of the "winners" by the end of this year).

If you have any questions feel free to ask me, as I speak Serbian.

As for Greece, here are some interesting links :

And finally, all the information about Bulgaria and FYROM can be found on this site :

Regards from the Balkans.


www.predavatel.com is not my website and you can't really find bandscans there, but rather information about all bulgarian electronic media, which was not very easy before. My bandscans, from Bulgaria and other places in Europe can be found here. Some of them are regularly updated. You are welcome to add them in the bandscan section of ukwtv, as there are no bandscans from Bulgaria on the site.


von Balkan DX-er - am 20.09.2007 20:39
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