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[UK] Neues aus Großbritannien

Startbeitrag von WellenreiterBN am 07.07.2009 17:10


outhampton comes out to play
Play Radio has launched in Southampton, picking up the licence from the liquidated Radio Hampshire, broadcasting on 107.8FM and 107.2FM.

Managing Director David Harber said: “As the south of England’s biggest city, Southampton deserves its own radio station. People in Southampton have a right to hear information that directly affects them and not every other part of the south coast.

Programme Director Lee Moulsdale added: “We have had only 4 days since we received Ofcom’s consent to broadcast, so this is probably the fastest launch of a radio station. Ever.”


Midlands radio sale cleared
Global Radio has confirmed Heart will stay on-air in the East Midlands, under new owners LDC and Phil Riley.

The OFT has officially cleared the sale of the Midland licenses, which will see former Chrysalis chief executive Phil Riley take control of BRMB, Mercia, Wyvern, Beacon, Heart 106 and three Gold stations. The new name for the group, Orion, was revealed by Mr Riley at the Radio Festival earlier this week.

A spokesman for Global said: “We are delighted the OFT has given clearance for the deal with LDC and Phil Riley to conclude. We are pleased that the Heart brand will remain on air in the East Midlands, where audience numbers are going from strength to strength and in addition that Global’s commercial team will represent these stations commercially to national advertisers and their agencies.”

LDC, the Lloyds TSB Development Capital, is the private equity arm of Lloyds TSB Banking Group.

Quelle: Radiotoday


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