Memories about radio and TV in Poland 1978-2001.

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When I was 5 years old, my aunt give me a small portable radio receiver.
It was japanese radio STANDARD without FM band.
I always knew, i be an electronic.
But that day superstition - i will a radioelectronic !
Offen took my radio to bed and listem LW / MW and SW on the evenings.
I remember one station about 600 kHz, transmiting all time two leters in Morse code.
I borrow a book for scauts and slowly decode this letters.
It was "AR".
Many years i didn't know, what is this station.
I often listem PR1 on 227 kHz from Konstantynów (Gąbin) or PR2 on 819 kHz from Wola Rasztowska.
In kidergarten I sometimes must explain to teatcher - on what "waves" will be children program, which teatcher trying tune.
In home, we has a valve TV Beryl 102.
Sometimes I went on up to repair this TV.
My mother and father was divorced. I lived with grandpas.
Father has a money and has better equipment.
13.12.1981, when Martial Law was proclamed, I was in Piaseczno abt 20 km from center of Warsaw.
Weekends i spent with father and prom monday to friday with grandpas.
13.12.1981 it was a sunday.
I remember no any TV signal to about afternoon.
On PR1 on LW - generał Jaruzelski was played "in loop".
Some curiosities:
- police time (prohibited to be in public place ex. street without special documents) from 20 to 6 (later from 22 to 6)
- immidiatly suspended sell fuel to private cars,
- 7 days working (on order)
- cut off all civil telephone network
- tanks on the streets
- moving or going to other city / town - prohibited without special permision
- state radio and TV canceled own second programs (remains PR1, PR3 , PR4, and TVP1 only).
- quite fast, they switch on TVP2 network (but transmitted TVP1) due to unable receive "enemy" stations from West Berlin, Sweeden or Denmark.
- and many others
In that times, in small towns every evenings, authorities switch off the power (due to "crisis reason") for few hours.
I am 37 Years old and lived 20 km from Warsaw - capital city of Poland - in center of Europe.
And when i has 10 years old i often do my homework using Kerosene Lamp (Petroleumlampe).
It's looking like this
After primary school i went to vocational school profession teaching.
It was a big conglomerate of 6 (six !) schools in one very big building in socialistic "modern" style.
Two days in week we have "practice" on other wing of building - workshops.
After class I, we can at last make something in electronic.
Former "patronate" company ERA was in collapse progress and socialistic directors buys for "1 PLN" all the factory and stay...presidents.
ERA change to ERAGA and all eqipment move from ERA to ERAGA but all alleviate ligament still in ERA.
"Polish privatisation".
ERAGA mounten (our hands) PC computers and export to Ukraine.
"Gamik" - set top box computer was 1 HDD 40MB, 486 processor with clock 33 or 66 MHz.
Two FDD 5,25", and video card HERCULES (monochromatic).
We mounted on PCI:
- video card
- HDD controler (!)
- I/O controler (to have RS232 and parallel port).
Few month later "presidents" bought a big transport TV receivers Funai and Matsui from Hong-Kong.
Our job - repair this sets.
Only two persons in class has idea about television: my and my friend.
So, we are prepared a lesson for class (according to order of teacher) about TV, TV sets, repair and safety.
And... it works.
Most complicate malfunctions we repaired.
But some day a truck comes to take repairet TV back to the store.
Truck gate was on first floor but our hall on the second. No elevator.
So boys fast mount a slides for a TV.
One man relase TV (in cartoon box) at the top and the next must catch it downstairs.
Sometimes was a pause and chatcher turn back to talk with somebody.
Relaser scream: leci ! (on the way !) but sometimes it was too late...
Other time me and my frient truck driver token to load a truck.
We havn't a trolley lift truck, and only big platform on small wheels and a big handle.
A platform full of TV sets...:-)
Chew slowly by two boys....
Yeah. On a ramp.
How took a TV from a top ?
OK. We handle.
One, two.
Two person.
Sometimes asynchronous and meet at the platform.
We have long sleeves on white aprons, waved on wind.
I try took two TV at one time but it was to havy, so i gave up.
But my friend sleeve, pinch behind a column of TV sets.
He carry just a one TV and try to pull out his sleeve...
And half a load collapse :-)
Driver does not see this.
I go out with my TV set but reeling for a laugh and barely stay on my legs.
Driver make angry face and stupid ask:
- What are you laughing for ? TV set fell you ?!
Barely i stand my TV set on the truck and sit down for laughing... :-)
In that times (ehhh... still the same) was a modernisation antenas on PKiN, so TVP switch off their program for 22 to 13.
Absolute no TV signal in Warsaw every morning.
We find old grid generator (tralling picture) b&w, without audio carrier, working on channel R6 with high level.
A piece of wire like antena, provide all hall a test signal to repaired TV sets.
But some day i repair color decoder and i must tune dynamic white balance separarelly for PAL and SECAM.
I go to the teacher on the storeroom where he sit and listen to the radio.
- Mister Professor !
- What ?
- I need color test generator.
- Why ?
- Because i must tune new color decoder and adjust dynamic white balance.
- Hmmm... I sthing Professor Machowski have a one. Go out for our practice wing, go around main building,
go in the school third entrance and go to third floor to room 216. I just call to professor Machowski to give you a color generator.
I bring cool color test generator.
PAL and SECAM, with audio 5,5 and 6,5 MHz, with many test and tuned by scale on VHF-I, VHF-II, VHF-III and al UHF up to channel 69.
It was no so strong signal, but having normal cable with IEC conector.
I tuned (free in this moment) channel R2 and tuned TV.
So i tune the decoder for SECAM.
Switch for PAL and tune...
Suddenly picture was blank.
- What's up ?
I took multimetr and measure...
All good.
Scratch on head......
Bang - hit (not so strong) my hand to TV.
Schratch on the other side....
Band - hit into a generator.
Yes ! Picture back....
My school still have alleviate ligament for my job.
A few thousands (old) zlotys.
Without valorization - likes 2 or 3 PLN.
For normal condision - plenty money.
And "AR" on 600 kHz was NDB on near small airport (including military in those times).
Sometimes they switch second NDB "A" on 289 kHz.
Now stay empty building and broken antenna.
"AR" with 100W covers 30 km area to car radio.
Funny, but in last years wor of this NDB somebody builds house vis a vis.
He must has "AR" in everything: PC speakers, phones, house phone, stereo HiFi system, TV....everything.
Some newer CRT TV has still plug on audio amplifier.
So parasite demodulation for example from AM CB radio TV like roared loudly in the midnight when my friend talk by his CB by night.
A half of neigbours stand up, hearing somebody on full volume in "switched off" TV set.
In 1990-1992 i lived next time with father in Piaseczno near Warsaw.
In those days, for a quite no chance for normal telephone, peoples in mass by CB radios.
Only one legal way to communication.
I remember - on each house in Warsaw - few CB antennas.
All legall 40 channels was busy many times.
It means: f.e. channel 1 used north-east part of the city but either south-west suburbias.
Chanel 4 used Piaseczno but eiher Łomianki, Wawer etc.
In Poland CB law is very freely. You can legal use 40 channel with 4W FM, 4W AM (carrier) and 12W pep SSB !
So in those times freebanding was universal.
CBeers was from 25 to sometimes 32 MHz.
It was like social movement !
Youth makes meetings, peoples issued newspapers about CB. CB has own prgrams in commercial radio station.
It was like voice chat (no internet in Poland in early 90-ties).
Young people can meet new peoples.
On my short street in Piaseczno (300m) we has 4 stations.
One of five cars has CB.
Even Police listen rescue channel on #9.
Sometimes i help drive him to road accident, because in free time i was listen channel 9 in AM without squelch and hear a weakness signals.


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