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Fairy tale wedding in Monaco.txt

Startbeitrag von xiushui am 25.05.2012 22:08

///Charlene Wittstock and Prince Albert II were married!Yesterday was the civil marriage and the church wedding is celebrated today!
If you have missed the ceremony yesterday, can be seen on today again on TV.

ZDF reviewed the Monegasque fairy tale wedding from 12.30.

The stations from Monaco of four and a half hour live broadcast of the church wedding transfers from 2: 30 pm.

From 4 pm übetr?gt ntv live from Monaco and around 19: 05 h, RTL reported on the fairy tale wedding with exclusive special!

The plan for today is:

17: 00 The church wedding in the throne room of Grimaldi held the Palace, celebrated by the ore bischen Court of Monaco.

Charlene is wearing a wedding dress by Armani and Prince Albert wears uniform!

After the ceremony, the people expected the kiss on the balcony of the Palalstes.

According to tradition the bride Charlene sets out then devote the bridal bouquet at the altar of the Monegasque patron saints Sainte.

450 Invited guests on the wedding dinner by Chef [url=
[url]http://www.forherandforhim.com/tea-length-bridesmaid-dresses-c-3121.html[/url]]tea length bridesmaid dresses[/url]
Alain Ducasse is pleased at 9 pm. A four-course menu is served on chiffon bridesmaid dresses the chiffon bridesmaid dresses terraces of the Opera House in Monte Carlo!

Around midnight, the ball begins with an exclusive wedding Fireworks!


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