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World Championship 2001-2005 ?

Startbeitrag von Francesco.Monti am 19.03.2001 08:11

Hello Racer in the World!
The next World Championship is in this year in Ettlingen (Germany - near Karlruhe). The next WC is in the year 2005. Four years later.
Why? Why not all two years as the another class (1:8 or 1:10, ...).
Racer in the World:
You need the World Championship all two years or all four years?


Dear Francesco Monti!
Your question is justified. We have established a voting-system on the website!
See once thinking like drivers and visitors about this!

von webmaster - am 19.03.2001 21:37
Good question.

From a racers view point, every two years would be Great! and I am for it as a racer myself.

However, looking at it from the business side, every four years is better due to the extreme costs associated with a World Championship race. The time needed, costs for spares-drivers etc, hotels, car rentals, meals and more is very high for each manufacturer. Even changing it to 3 years would be better to spread it out for the manufacturers. Heck?- I guess that every four years puts MORE pressure on the companies to win because they get the bragging rights for FOUR years instead of two- perhaps making the expenses of a race every four higher than running it every two...

Two is fine by me- what about three? :-)

Jeff Devlin
Owner, SEI Racing

von Jeff Devlin - am 22.03.2001 01:10
Good compromise Jeff for the above reasosns then they only get three year's worth of bragging rights!!!

von Chris Wright - am 22.03.2001 11:29
Just one question Jeff,
How is the racing cost in 1/5th scale compared to 1/8th scale on-road?

von Hilaire Tchetnga - am 22.03.2001 17:48
Not sure from what stand point you are asking? In terms of the private racer- the cost comparison 1/5th/1/8th I would have to say that it depends on the level that the driver wants to compete at... At the top level I think that the 1/5th is cheaper to run. Tires and a few bits every now and then are the biggest expense for 1/5th, but 1/8th scale is more intensive with the tires, engines, and upkeep.

At the starter level or average club racer level, I think 1/8th can be less expensive due to the fact that a Neo, OFNA, GS etc 1/8th scale car can be purchased with minimal expense for example, then tires-starter box-spares-fuel brings the expense to about 600-700 US $'s. However, I wouldn't expect to win a National title with it which goes back to my first point... It totally depends on what level you wish to compete?

One thing that I love about 1/5th is that you can purchase the same equipment that the top drivers are using- with the exception of some tires. This is in sharp contrast to 1/12th, 1/10th, and 1/8th. I mention tires for 1/5th because at the top level races the tire companies want to win it as much as the car manu.'s do and sometimes special tires are made for them just as every other scale does.

von Jeff Devlin - am 23.03.2001 17:31
Independent of the bragging rights, I suppose that a world cup all two years would expand the one5scale world wide. Here in Brazil we have very good drivers, as you can see at the last 1/10th, 1/8th and off-road world cups .
With a all two years world cup race in different countries and continents, like Brazil, USA, Mexico, I believe that 1/5th will groove enormously. I also believe that in countries like Brasil, you can do it cheaper.
Drive 1/5th cars is so exciting that 1/10th drivers are jumping to 1/5th.
So no matter if it will be all two or four years, but don't forget the other countries. Thanks

von Andreas Burr - am 29.03.2001 19:44
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