Brakes and Cleaning

Startbeitrag von Hilaire Tchetnga am 17.04.2001 10:52

Hello All,
Marder is great. I'm having a lot of fun. I'm using the Multiplex Jumbo Servo. It seems a bit weak to me. The good thing about it is that its centers perfectly. And while runing, it is OK. But if you spin out, it is sometimes very difficult to get back in the right direction, because the wheels will just not turn enough. It is not that much of a problem, but I wanted to point it out.
My problem is about the brakes. I have 2 disks, but only one actually brakes. The second do not fit on the square part. I end out with a car that doesn't brake enough.
Is there anyone around with the same problem?
I'm planning to suppress the secon disk, and glue some ferrodo or the same kind of stuff on the plate to improve braking.

Next problem I have is about cleaning the car. I just cannot get all the dust out blowing air on. I'm planing is using fuel or alcohol (medical one) to help cleaning. Is there any tip here? How do you guys clean your car after running in the mud?

Awaiting answers...
thanks for reading


Cleaning? Dont run your car in mud! :-)

Brakes, if the alloy square drivers are worn, get them replaced.

Servos? The Jumbo should have the power required, but in the FG off-roads might warrant a longer servo arm. What battery pack are you running?

von Jeff Devlin - am 19.04.2001 04:23
- you need a 5 cell 6V pack
- if the jumbo is a V2 you can reprogram it to travel further using the prorammer
- cleaning: we put a produt called TIX in our compressor and use high preassure to clean it, next to that we dry it with plenty of compressor air (before we used the Karcher but we had re re-oil everything agian, noe with the TIX this is over)
- the st. brake on a Marder tend to overheat (the plastic that holds the axle) .. I guess that's why FG sells an upgrade for this brake.. us a powerfull servo though

von Boris - am 26.04.2001 16:03
I assembled 5 sanyo 2000 elements to make my battery pack. So I will try using a longer servo arm then. The alloy square driver is not worn. The square section ends with a cone shape, where the second disk brake happens to be. If the second disk was on the square driver, it would have been effective, but that is not the case. Instead, it is on the connical section, and is spinning free.

von Hilaire Tchetnga - am 30.04.2001 10:13
Thanks for the tips Boris.
I will let you know how it goes.

von Hilaire Tchetnga - am 30.04.2001 10:16
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