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1:5 scale Formula 1 cars...

Startbeitrag von Darren am 29.04.2001 04:49

Where do you guys get the technical data, to make your 1:5 scale cars are the drawings avalible, if so could you help me obtain them.. Please..


First of all a correction of the title:
The so called 1:5 scale Formula 1 cars are 1:4 scale.
Real F1 car max width = 1800mm
1:5 scale = 396 mm incl. max + tolerance
1:4 scale = 440 mm incl. 2% - tolerance

All general dimensions can be found on the web site.
The dimensions of the real F1 on www.FIA.com
On the RACO page you will find links to all major F 1 teams.
But please do not build a reproduction of a real car, that may cause you problems with the copyright.

von W. Petermann - am 29.04.2001 16:05

Re: 1:4 scale Formula 1 cars...

Thanks for the info... let ya know how it all works out..

von Darren - am 01.05.2001 15:15
Hello everbody,
up to today, the entries for THE FIRST EC F1 in Grenoble are very poor. I think, the chance will be never so big to win that title than this year.
Only drivers from Austria, Czech Republic, Holland, Germany, France, Spain and Switzerland will show up. I miss the Italiens, English and Skandinavien drivers, normally very competitive in real F1.

von W. Petermann - am 04.07.2001 21:30
As for the UK you can blame our AGM last year for not allowing a full Championship to take place. Put limits of 6 F1 turning up before running a dedicated heat is to kill it. How on earth do you run Saloons, trucks and F1 together? Whoever heard of such nonsense, open wheel with enclosed wheel. We in the UK can only hope when the Harm, Lauterbacher, RS5 versions come out then the pressure will be behind to run a full Championship. If so next year you will see some UK drivers at the EC and possibly the GP.

von Chris Wright - am 09.07.2001 15:39
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