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Brake Setup

Startbeitrag von Peter (Mountie) am 16.05.2001 10:29

Hi I am new to 1/5th scale and am the proud owner of an FG Comp 2000 car. Only problem so far is the cable brakes.
When I set them up to work the best the metal actuator arms hit the inside of the wheel. Is this normal? If so it really creates a load of drag specially on the rear wheels.
If anyone knows the proper way of setting these brakes up please let me know.

Thanks in advance



The angle of the bent arm is to great. Take some plyers and re-bend the arm to a more relaxed angle. This should work fine.

Also, file a flat on the arm where the set screw contacts so that the arm doesn't rotate in the cam.

von Jeff Devlin - am 16.05.2001 15:33
Just wanted to say thanks. It worked well. I filed down the offending part as well and this helped too.
Thanks again,


von Peter (Mountie) - am 16.05.2001 20:47
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