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Rims for FG Competition

Startbeitrag von Brian am 04.06.2001 00:01

Looking to find info. on some rims I saw in an add for a Lauterbacher 1:5 scale car. The add shows a picture of an L3 Evolution with a set of orange rims with silver colored spokes. And the name on this add simply reads Edelteil. Would like to know if these rims can be fitted to an FG model car? Any information would be great.
Thanks in advance.


Hello Brian !

This are the Aluminium inner part wheels, they are not coloured, they are Aluminium. These wheels are produced to fit the FG and other compatible too. You find pictures on my page under the link wheels and tires - wheels.


von Wolfgang Stumpf - am 04.06.2001 06:21
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