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beginning whit FG formule 1

Startbeitrag von Rob Duvé am 29.07.2001 19:28

Hi,my name is Robbie and I come from the netherlands.
I have drive always whit Tamiya Cars,gasoline and elektric,but i will beginning whit a new mark.I like Formule 1 very much and I saw one time the F1 car from FG.
I will maby buy this car but i have many questions,is FG expensive,can you drive national and international races,where can I find other Fg formule 1 drivers?
Who can help me for answer this questions.


if you go to the rev-up site, or the raco site, you will find reports of F1 races.
In Holland, there are some racers that use that car,

von W. Petermann - am 31.07.2001 22:46
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