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Startbeitrag von hermann.dorle am 15.08.2001 19:35

Is this OK???
From the official website worlds 2001 Ettlingen (www.dmc-online.com/wc2001/uk/)

The international Jury agreed unanimously to the following decision:
Because Lamberto Collari´s fuel tested positive twice for banned substances, in accordance with the IFMAR World Championship Rules, this driver will be disqualified from participation in the World Championship being held in Ettlingen. This is a one race suspension for the 2001 IFMAR 1/5 World Championship only and there is no further disciplinary action and no further prohibition warranted in this case.


Sorry! I forgot, what is with the another drivers with not legal fuel?

von hermann.dorle - am 15.08.2001 19:42
Lamberto Collaris fuel was an genius designed artificial fuel. It was not available at a sreet petrol station. Several other drivers brought fuel samples for testing, that were identified to be illegal. But only the fuel taken from Mr. Collaris fuel tank was illegal. All other drivers inprected after the qualifying heats have used legal fuel .
Maybe they are shocked about the situation, that we were able to test fuel at tracksite.
The final analysation of Mr. Collaris fuel was made in an FIA/FIM approved laboratory to be sure about the chemicals used.
Some of them are high toxic and create cancer when your skin is in contact with that fuel.

Futher action will be taken to stop fuel cheating during racing.

The penalty for fuel cheating is written in the IFMAR and EFRA rules and will be carried out.

von W. Petermann - am 19.08.2001 20:28

Re: WC 2001 ETTLINGEN: Fuel Analysation

All interested drivers can see the full analysation report of Mr Collari's "fuel" on the RACO page.

von W. Petermann - am 22.08.2001 21:44
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