FG Comp car set -up for novice?

Startbeitrag von Petteri am 18.08.2001 09:28

Hello, i m new with this sport i need some basic set-up for my car FG Comp 2000 , i drive at twisty track with not much bite , temp 15-20 c: Tyres,camber ,springs, damper fluids,ride height,
etc. My car pushes a lot ,orange springs front and yellow back,damper fluid what FG filled, Thanks Petteri, Finland.


Hei Petteri!
Ota yhteys. Minulla on ollut jo 5 vuotta FG 1/5 auto. Tämän vuoden olen ajannut competition versiolla. Kerron mielelläni kokemuksista. +358-400-668987

von Ilpo Koivisto - am 10.09.2001 15:04
tires Fg s1 rear s4 front
ride height 10mm frt 13mm rear
camber 1deg negative all around
stock springs are ok, just adjust the rings so that they are about 1/8" to 1/4" below
the shock cap.
shock oil FG 6000 front 1000 to 2000 fear
rear toe neg 2 deg
front toe 0 or slightly in maybe 1/2 a deg

i just got my fg comp too. I have been messing around with it for a while and this combination really works great.

von Frank - am 28.10.2001 01:22
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