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New track in Los Angeles

Startbeitrag von Karlton Spindle am 06.09.2001 15:10

Just to let you guys know we are opening a new track in Los Angeles designed for 1:5 scale.
Done in the "Euro" style no boards banked turns elevation changes all the fun stuff that makes racing great!
It will be open by the end of this month!

Named the Sun Valley Micro Speedway (after the town it is in sun Valley).
Lit for night racing!
100m straight
5m wide at its narrow points
Loads of room to pass but challenging.......

Smooth Sailing,
Karlton Spindle


one5scale wishes all best!

webmaster one5scale
Hans-Ludwig Walther

von webmaster - am 06.09.2001 19:23
Hello Karlton,
the track layout looks good, so keep on doing it now.
I think it will be a good progress for the American racing scene.
If the rest of the venue will be the same style, let's think about a invitation race for next year.

von W. Petermann - am 06.09.2001 20:51
We will put up new better pictures next week when we put in the track. The layout has changed. Bigger faster and more fun!

Thanks this is going to be fun and I hope to have an international race once we get the kinks worked out. I hope to one day run an event as well as your team did.

von Karlton Spindle - am 06.09.2001 21:37
Karlton ,

Great news ! Congratulations !!!
If it is not too late please make a real corkscrew corner a la Laguna Seca !

Best regards


von Laszlo Gal - am 07.09.2001 13:00
If you need any support for such a race, don't hesitate to ask EFRA.

von W. Petermann - am 07.09.2001 20:40


Great I hope we can get this going fast enough to host the USA 1:5 scale nationals this year and build from there.

von Karlton Spindle - am 07.09.2001 20:42
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