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Startbeitrag von Francesco Monti am 03.10.2001 09:13

Hello Mr Petermann!

I miss the proposal "tires formula 1" at the EFRA-AGM 2001!
Has FG brought his tires into line with the rules for the season 2002?

Information from this homepage

Official message text of the EFRA regarding tyres Formula 1 Large Scale 
(e-mail 2001 March, 06.)

Dear Friends,

during the last weeks, Wolfgang Stumpf (EFRA Section-Chairman Large Scale) and I found out, (with the help of some engaged drivers), that the main Formula one tyres delivered by FG/Germany do not comply with the EFRA rules for the New Formula One. These tyres are 1,5 mm to small in diameter, regarding the maximum minus tolerance. This error was not remarked by the EFRA Large Scale Section, not by the delegates during the AGM or by the manufacturers when voting the new rules.
To avoid any disadvantage and loss of money for the competitors, the Section Chairmen, together with the EFRA President decided, to recommend your Federation to allow these FG Formula tyres to be used during that season. FG Order No. 10114-10126.
FG has promised, to change the tyres during the year to comply with the existing EFRA rules. I think, as this class is in it's first year, mistakes can happen and should not kill the sport before it gets of the ground.

Thank you for your co-operation

Wolfgang Petermann
EFRA Vice-Section Chairman, Large Scale


Hello Mr. Monti,
shit happens!
Due to the fact, that we had some problems with fuel during the WC, I had to make more precise rules for that item.
As the F1 class is quite successful within EFRA and was running without major problems this year, I have totally forgotten to make a proposal to change the wording of the tyre-rule. But I think we can put in under any other business.

Wolfgang Petermann
Vice Section Chairman
Large Scale

von W. Petermann - am 03.10.2001 21:43
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