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World Championship 2001 touring cars Ettlingen(D)
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Do you want this?

Startbeitrag von Karlton Spindle am 12.04.2001 19:37

Jeff devlin owner of SEI racing the FG importer for the USA has come out to admit he cheated in the world qualifier running Racing Fuel. I ask you is this the type of racer we can expect at the worlds?


Hy Kalton,
in Europe the available fuel an street patrol stations is 100 Oktane (SHELL OPTIMAX /Super plus). This will be allowed, because it is according to the rules.

But be warned, we will be able to detect race fuel or Oktane booster. Also AVGAS (Plane fuel) will be not a legal fuel. Any competitor using illegal fuel will be excluded immediatly from the event. The maximum penaly can be the cancellation of the international driving licence for 10 years.
And that is not a joke.

von W. Petermann - am 12.04.2001 22:09
As I understand it 100 Octane in Europe is not the same as it is here. Rating of 100 in Europe is less then 100 over here. It is not the fuel that concerns me it is the fact Mr. Devlin made the rule NO racing fuel then ran racing fuel for a worlds qualifier. I have requested ROAR withdraw his team from representing the USA at the worlds because they clearly cheated admitted they cheated in fact in contrast to the rules he has posted on his web site the best places to buy the racing fuel. [www.sei-racing.com] It is not the fule it is the blantant cheating that is the problem. There may or may not be any advantage to hight octane but the rules were celar to all...

The fuel team SEI used was special Racing fuel only available from 6 stations and CLEARLY marked racing fuel. [www.76.com]

Racing Fuel

As the Official Fuel of NASCAR, 76 Racing Fuel with PROpower will keep your car running smoothly. Learn more about the benefits of using Competition 100, Competition 110, Superstock 114 and Prostock 118 Formulas...


Here is what T.Rex posted about the debate. Jeff used part of post from T.Rex in his defense and that prompted this..., " Date: Mar 30 2001 16:53:42 EST
From: TRexBldwn@aol.com
Subject: Re: [5thScaleList] Mr. devlin and SEI racing team

Hi all,

I do not like having quotes made on what I said when the quote given is not

I did say the rules are guidelines. The thing not quoted was that I said we
would USE THESE AS THE RULES for this event. I also said if there were to be
felt it necessary to change them. Such was the case with the rear window
cutout. I also stated that what I found here may cause changes for 2001, but
if nothing here changed these rules, they would be in the book for 2001.

I did not stutter when I wrote rule 6-49. Neither the event organizer nor
ROAR had chosen to use a spec. gasoline, the use of racing or aviation
gasoline was not legal. The rules did not say at any time that an individual
racer may choose their own Spec. gasoline.

For all your information... The 2001 ROAR rule book is out and the 1/5 rules
are in the book. They will be run as they are printed unless ROAR posts a
change. You will receive a new book as you renew your ROAR membership. The
rules may also be found on the WWW.ROARRACING.COM web site as soon as Jack
Johnson posts them.

As for any action against Jeff Devlin, this will be a decision of the ROAR
Executive Committee and the ROAR fuel committee. There is no reason to argue
this here. This e-mail is not a conference room. Statements from each of
you are definitely welcome, but if I continue to receive a long line of
ARGUMENTS on this forum I will ask to be removed from this e-mail list. This
is too much e-mail for me to sort through.

That's all,

T. Rex Baldwin
President, ROAR

In a message dated 3/30/01 01:06:01 PM, emperor@multiplexrc.com writes:

>6-49: Only unleaded "corner gas station" automotive pump
>gasoline available to the general public may be used. The
>use of aviation or racing gasoline is specifically
>prohibited unless the race is to be run with a "spec. gasoline".
> Spec gasoline may be used to accommodate possible "vapor lock"
>conditions found in our hotter climates. In this case, event
>advertisements and entry forms must stipulate the fuel is to be "event
>provided". In case of a "Spec Gas" the octane and type of fuel must be
>disclosed on all advertisements and entry forms. An additional fee may
>be added to the entry fee to cover this host cost. The Race Director
>Technical Inspector can require any contestant to use event-provided
>gasoline at any time prior to racing."

von Karlton Spindle - am 12.04.2001 22:32
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