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World Championship 2001 touring cars Ettlingen(D)
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W. Petermann, Karlton Spindle

Air Boxes for the SVM

Startbeitrag von Karlton Spindle am 31.05.2001 00:25

As SVM does not have an Air Box combined with the rule cars must be equiped with them any ideas of who has a good airbox that wil fit the Zenoah SVM?


Dear Karlton,
sorry for the delay in aswering your question. I fist had to verify my suggestion.

The new big airbox from Bergonzoni will fit your SVM/Zenoah. It is one of the best in noise reduction and will give your engine enough air.
If it is not available in the States, ask

One tip, to prevent noise problems at the track:
Cover the inside of the bodyshell with noise absorbing foam (self adhesive), used for real cars. But please keep the windows clear.


von W. Petermann - am 12.06.2001 21:46
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