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World Championship 2001 touring cars Ettlingen(D)
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Karlton Spindle, W. Petermann


Startbeitrag von Karlton Spindle am 27.06.2001 22:43

What readings do you normally get? We have tried to get to 41DB but we can only get to 45DB. :(

We see the FG and HARM drivers over here with the airboxes and 3 chamber pipes but they are louder then we are and we are still over. What is the trick?

Foam in the body = One POUND more weight and only 3DB less.


Hello Karlton,
first the rul say's 81dB(A9 at 10 Meters 1 Meter above the track, not 41dB. That would never be possible, because the general normal noise will be about 60dB(A).
But I think you only mixt up some numbers.
I just arrived home from or EC in Lostallo. See www.ec15.com
There a lot of drivers had big problems to reach the limit, because the national federations do not allways force the rule. But the example for f.e. one driver was about 85 when I measured his car. Afer the put small pieces of foam (never cover the complete surface) like a chessboard in his bodyshell, he passed the noise meter with 81-81,2 dB(A). On other trick can be to use that fiberlaine, that is normally used in kittchen exhausts, in the airbox. Also the third chamber of your muffler should be filled (refill it after every race meeting) with a heat resistant wool.
Ask f.e. Lauterbacher.com.
Cutting out the complete rear window not only kills the downforce of your rear wing, it will also allow the noise to come out. What I also have seen in the cars of the fast boys, use a steel muffter, that will be less noisy. And wrapp it with heat resistant material. It will make the resonace effect better and lower the noise.
Another trick.
Normally the windows are opened for cooling. If you look to the real cars, you will find, that increases the fuel consumption and distroys the aerodynamic.
Open the front of the car ( all openings in the full size car are allowed to be opened) When you use a big foam block, you can make a tunnel in it to guide the air to the engine. You still will have 40mm total hight of foam and be legal.
To do all that at tracksite is imposssible, but at home it will be easy.
In Ettlingen we will set up the noise trap from the beginning of free practice, so every driver will be informed.

von W. Petermann - am 02.07.2001 09:21
Yes a typo on the 41Db! Boy would that be QUIET! In looking over the shots on the Euro champ site I do not see that much sound abatement on the cars except for some of the air boxes.

So how QUIET is the lowest output on a modern 1:5 (as in this last year) you have recorded?

Smooth Sailing,
Karlton Spindle

von Karlton Spindle - am 02.07.2001 19:26
Nearly all top final drivers are between 81 and 82 dB(A). ANd that without special tricks like foam in the bodyshell.
But one example from a special noise test to the French CROJET team:
Both cars had the same configuration: Zenoah engine, FG-airbox, CROJET 3chamber muffler. One was measured (under the eyes of MR. CROJET) with 82dB(A) the other with 87dB(A). What happened? I got the information the next morning. After they have taken theire cars into pieces, and compared every part, they found the reason. Both airboxes were borrowed. One was original, in the other airbox one had cut the tubes to 1cm. After that was changed, both were measured the same 82dB(A).
We had also one SVM failing at the noise trap. This car also used a modified airbox. Later he was measured with 81,5dB(A).

von W. Petermann - am 02.07.2001 20:40
Question in looking at the photos from the race this last week we can see what looks to be power leads coming out of an air box. I heard a RUMOR that there is a FAN in the air box is this so? This would help the low end preformance, but I would think it would not be allowed because it could be seen as a blower.

von Karlton Spindle - am 03.07.2001 20:18
During technical inspection I have not seen any wires coming out of an airbox. But I must say, I havn't had the idea to look at that. What I have seen, is that some drivers used the fan to cool the carburettor. But I was told, that this doesn't work the way expected. ANyway, that would be legal. To use a fan in the airbox is illegal, because that is a way of charging.
Technical inspection at the WC will be much more precise than at the EC. We will have more staff and more time.

von W. Petermann - am 03.07.2001 21:08
I doubt anyone would do it but the photo L@@Ked like it. RATS a way to get a litlte more air to a hungry motorout :(

By the way I will be over at the track this Sunday for the last day of 1:5 before the official practice on the 11th. I have to go to MPX so I will bring my car along and keep it in Germany for the race.

5 servos SVM by EJP

von Karlton Spindle - am 13.07.2001 16:06
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