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World Championship 2001 touring cars Ettlingen(D)
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W. Petermann, Karlton Spindle, frank killam


Startbeitrag von frank killam am 11.07.2001 16:57

I would like to know if I can paint an FG Honda, to look like a BMW 325 STW, without problems in Tech Inspection? Also my I enter more than one car in the Concours? Thanks for your input.



WOW FRANK HAS EMAIL!!!!!!!!!! Welcome to the 80ties!

The ruels do not say you HAVE to not mix paint and body styles..... Do they?

von Karlton Spindle - am 13.07.2001 16:07
Dear Frank,
you are only allowed to enter with one car in cd'e. And that must! be your competition car.

von W. Petermann - am 31.07.2001 22:27
I think his question is can he mix the paint layout from a BMW on to a Honda body?

Furthermore, can he cut the grill of the Honda to sort of rounded like a BMW L@@K. See Frank works for BMW design works......BhMoWnda Bavarian Honda Works?

von Karlton Spindle - am 31.07.2001 22:39
Hi Kalton,
if someone likes to paint is BMW like a Ford racing car, because he likes the design, ? I think, as long as the shape of the bodyshell is not changed from what was homologated, why not.
I remenber the World Cup 1999, were an Australian driver has made a beautifull Ford Mondeo, but the body was a Honda. I would have prefered the original Mondeo body, but that's not available.

von W. Petermann - am 01.08.2001 21:16
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