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World Championship 2001 touring cars Ettlingen(D)
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Karlton Spindle, Dino Delemos, W. Petermann

USA Canada Team Leader?

Startbeitrag von Karlton Spindle am 31.07.2001 15:05

1:5 Scale Pit Row! Brought to you by [www.rev-up.co.uk]

We are about a week and a half out from the worlds and no one knows who the
ROAR team captain for the USA and Canadian worlds winning team is. I had
some items made for all who expressed interest in getting team garb. I am
also getting more done from our friends north of the border. I had items made with the names and the type of car the driver uses. I did not have the MPX logo put on any drivers item that I know not to be using MPX goods.

With most
of the USA drivers coming from sunny California, I had the MPX man done in
TOURIST garb. We come in peace to take your, "pot metal" home as souvenirs

I have also arranged a truck to haul the car boxes and luggage to the hotel
for any USA or Canadian driver who needs help and who arrives at the
Stuttgart airport on the 10th. No need to do it sooner because the track is
not open for practice till the 11th.

Smooth Sailing,
Karlton Spindle


As for the Team Leader - Team Canada already has one to represent Canada.
However, you are welcome to make a suggestion or appoint a ROAR team leader that will represent both Canada and the USA.

Thanks for the offer for the truck, however, I will be arriving earlier, on the 7th to do some sight-seeing. I wanted to visit the Mercedes-Benz and Porsche factory. The rest of our team will arrive on the 10th.

See ya there soon,
Dino Delemos

von Dino Delemos - am 01.08.2001 05:11
The way I read it in the rules NO ROAR team leader NO racing for ROAR drivers Canada is racing under the ROAR block. Thus, better get on ROAR to appoint a team leader...

von Karlton Spindle - am 03.08.2001 01:08
Hello Karlton,
ROAR is a block of two or three nations, Canada, USA and ?
So you must have a team manager for Canada and one for the USA.
EFRA f.ex. has 26 nations as a member, so every country will have it's own team manager. FEMCA has Australia and Japan in the competition, so one team manager for Australia, one for Japan.
The idea of the team managers is, that they are the link between race control and the competitors who often do not speak English.

Don't mix it with the international jury. There only block representatives are members and only ROAR, FEMCA and EFRA have a vote. Unfortunatly FAMAR is still not a voting member of the community.

von W. Petermann - am 03.08.2001 07:26
Thank-you Mr. W. Petermann for clearing this up. I guess we were unclear with some of the details.

See ya there soon,

Dino Delemos
Team Canada

von Dino Delemos - am 03.08.2001 09:10
So your up to bat for Canada! Now we need a US captain and a ROAR rep? The mind boggles hehehe

von Karlton Spindle - am 03.08.2001 14:57
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