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World Championship 2001 touring cars Ettlingen(D)
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Startbeitrag von hermann.dorle am 15.08.2001 19:45

The international Jury agreed unanimously to the following decision:
Because Lamberto Collari´s fuel tested positive twice for banned substances, in accordance with the IFMAR World Championship Rules, this driver will be disqualified from participation in the World Championship being held in Ettlingen. This is a one race suspension for the 2001 IFMAR 1/5 World Championship only and there is no further disciplinary action and no further prohibition warranted in this case.

OK? or not! Your opinion?


My opinion?
In Germany, with many local drivers?
Someone've got to stop him. Not feldman, no milke, not budulig, not others. So Ifmar do it!!
Same old story.
Lamberto sei il più grande. E lo dico in italiano. L'automodellismo parla italiano. da sempre. E' ora che lo imparino. Tutti.

von kkracer - am 15.08.2001 21:00
What was the illegal substance found?

Obviously it's OK as it's clearly stated in the rules. For those of you that race 1/5th scale, how easy is it to make this kind of "mistake" with your fuel, or is this just a case of outright cheating?

Also, the rules on this site state random tests will be taken. Does anyone know how many drivers have been tested. Are all the drivers eventually tested?


von Kevin - am 15.08.2001 22:10
Why did the umpires decide to test his fuel? Did it have a bad smell or was it because of abnormal performace gains.

von Peter Smith - am 16.08.2001 01:13
Without knowing the whole story (just that he got caught twice with illegal fuel..) I´ve got to say that it is totally OK.
If they catch you one time breaking the rules that´s fine, all you´ll get is a warning. A second violation of the rules means that you're out of the competition, no matter if your name is Collari or not.

von Anton - am 16.08.2001 04:19
I think that Collari got off with no more than a hand slap.
I only wonder that if it had been a less known named driver, would that action taken have not been stronger? How about being unable to participate for one year?

von John Ligons - am 16.08.2001 04:52
That`s a very dumb statement in deed! What are you trying to say here?

You don't sound like a sportsman at all. I am certain that drivers (german or not) would have prefered to beat him in the race. But id he broke the rules it was the right decision.
Probably you rather would see something like: "yeah, he used illegal fuel, but he is italian. As we are in germeny we can't disqualify him, because somebody's gonna throw in silly statements about "evil germans". He is a newbie as well...probably not knowing the rules...."

Silly you...

von Rrrracer - am 16.08.2001 13:37
Hello ,

Someboby can me explain ,why the fuel of lamberto collari is illegal ?

Thank you

von Pascal MERCHEZ (France) - am 16.08.2001 14:42
I can't understand how can this great pilot could be so stupid? He is a professional pilot, does he really need substancies to help his father prepared engine? Is he a friend of Pantani? Seriously, i think it's a very bad thing that it happen so quickly in the first WC. I just hope that the control will be equal for everybody and the consequances the same for any guilty pilot .

von François Lacoste - am 16.08.2001 14:59
Hello ,

do you think that the fuel control is not the same for all drivers ?


von Pascal MERCHEZ (France) - am 16.08.2001 15:10
I agree with you, IFMAR has to come right. Collari as a top driver will not be so stupid to cheat! Come on IFMAR, give him a break, just because he is a top driver, now you as an organization wants to stop him. After all, you should have given him a warning on the first test, to give him time to rectify his fuel. Is IFMAR's tester been calibrated and if so where is the certificate. After all Mielke is also now 37 laps, did you guys test Mielke's fuel, his car etc. Do not single our Collari, it sounds like a repeat of the COLLARI / NOVA ROSSI debate. I hope Collari check everything before coming to the WC2001 1/8th next month. I am sure IFMAR is going to look for another excuse, so that SALVEN can win, after all, IFMAR, SERPENT, NOVA ROSSI rules Model Car Racing World Wide - What a pity.

von Piet - am 16.08.2001 15:54
misundestanded. Sorry.
But please don't say me "silly you", please. You're too far from me, for ear my answer, and basically isn't the case.
that's non a nationality matter.
I know personally Mr. Collari. And I think that's impossible for that kind of guys.
I know all the recent Lamberto's stories (nova-serpent-picco ecc.), and i can say that only when you've eard all the bell's ring you can talk.
But , please wait again. Lamberto's not home jet. He's in germany again. ear you tomorrow.

von kkracer - am 16.08.2001 20:58
For some reason I just find it hard to believe that he would try to cheat. At the same time, I also find it hard to believe any sort of conspiracy regarding IFMAR. I'll be glad if/when more details are released.


von Kevin - am 16.08.2001 21:25
Ear this!!!!!!

Directly from Ettlingen.

Collari's Fuel was reputer perfectly LEGAL from Efra's Judgement.
Other's FG driver's tested the same fuel (the same they're using!!), without any particular notice.!
But IFMAR don't think so!
During the test, a + or - 50 points of mesuration was noticed, because a misuse of tecnical inspectoring instruments! But LAMBO's pays for all!.
EFRA say ok, IFMAR say not!!
IFMAR rules.

That's really Sport?

In Italy we say sometimes like "... the fish smells since head! ......".

Same old story.

von kkracer - am 17.08.2001 10:44
Pazienza e vedrai.
Lambo non è ancora a casa!!!!!!
abbi fede

von kkracer - am 17.08.2001 15:36
Anyone read the latest Collari report on [www.1-5worlds.com] ?

von tpk - am 17.08.2001 19:40
During the first heat, technical inspection decided to start making fuel tests. This is written in the IFMAR rules. I have promised in that forum ealier, that this will happen, and that we will be able to analyse fuel completly in am FIA approved laboratory.
We have made this fuel tests all the qualifying heats and found with the exception of Mr. Collari no illegal fuel in the tanks of any other competitors. A lot of fuel was brought to technical inspection during the last days, that was tested to be illegal, but this fuel was not used during competition. Every competitors fuel checked out of the fuel tank in the car was accorting to the rules, street pump fuel, mixed with oil. At the end we were able to identifiy most of the fuel was Shell optimax.
The fuel from Mr. Collari's fist heat was a special designed fuel with 106,8 ROZ.
Formula 1 fuel is allowed to have 102 ROZ.
The contence of that fuel was limited to 84 chemicals, some of these cemicals are known to create cancer, when you come into skin kontact with this fuel.
Real street fuel has mor than 250 components inside. So the designer of that fuel did a brillant job to get in everything that is needed for a twostroke engine and nothing was in that fuel, that was not needed.
I apologise to give this information so late, but during this WC I had no time to read the forum.

von W. Petermann - am 19.08.2001 18:06
The laboratory published the results of the fuel analysis, which make very clear, that Collari cheated on all his racing friends and colleagues. What a sportsman!

I have often seen cheating (in other race-classes) by men, who were in with a chance of winning anyway, just because they are great drivers. But if cheating is proofed, they lose all my sympathy. So I don't feel sorry for Mr. Collari. The referees have taken the right decision! Good work by them!

von Rrrracer - am 20.08.2001 10:12

Re: lanberto collari = coglione !!!!!!!

Dear users,
this is a forum in ENGLISH language.
Please translate your contributions into ENGLISH.
I will delete all contributions in any other language tomorrow.night (21.08.01)

von W. Petermann - am 20.08.2001 20:43
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