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World Championship 2001 touring cars Ettlingen(D)
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vor 16 Jahren, 8 Monaten
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vor 16 Jahren, 8 Monaten
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françois, Ulrich Lein

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Startbeitrag von Ulrich Lein am 17.08.2001 02:41

Up to monday your dmc homepage seemed to be perfect introducing a perfect 1/5 worlds,
Then You (DMC) forgot all the spectators from all over the world (global=internet) to follow the announced RESULTS? Live ticker,great,but you don`t know what`s really going on!Now we write the 17, but still don`t
know the results from the 16.
Press release is just a link to the uk (It`s English language,sorry), nothing more.
Now that we are short before the start of the finals
it´s you (DMC) to take care of being responsible
for a professional and actual report of this really great WORLD`S.
It`s been you (DMC) who announced what the Fans from all over the world expect now.
Just go ahead, you pay for it !
It took me four days to write this mail, but the
disappointment now forced me to let you know what`s
the difference between announced expectations and real


I'm agree that it's not so good as expected, today there was no news about today's race until this afternoon, and we don't have at this time any result from this morning. I hope that we could follow final race minutes by minutes....???

von françois - am 17.08.2001 12:10
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