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The written word

Startbeitrag von Habs GM am 22.07.2004 06:02


Does anybody know how long Helmut's "The written word" will be offline?
'cause I really enjoyed his writting and it would be great if he would continue....


I also miss it greatly. I know he was really busy with school last time I talked to him which was a long time ago. I hope he will come back and write for us one of these days! He did a tremendous job!

Vancouver GM

von Vancouver GM - am 23.07.2004 14:51
I used to enjoy his articles too. Has anyone tried to contact him to see what he is doing? I've lost his e-mail address but maybe someone can see if he's willing to do some writting for us again.

von Atlanta GM - am 26.07.2004 02:00
His articles were always top notch, and I always looked forward to his superb writing skills. He put alot of time into his articles, and it showed. But I remember him also saying he was gauging interest and activity towards his website...... I think that he either moved on, or his schooling/work was too time consuming.

Regardless, I think I speak for all of us when I say his articles were outstanding, and made this league that much better with his writing.


von BuffaloGM - am 28.07.2004 09:23
I think he had exams or something like that....
So he had to study, but I think they're over, so he could go back to write articles.... :-)

Of course there is sommerbreak, so he's probably of to vacation somewhere....

What's with David?
No comment??

von Habs GM - am 29.07.2004 05:09
im working on a comeback with Helmut, but it isnt easy, cause he has not a lot of time to spend for articles and he dont want to do this the half way. But im working on this ;)

von David/Commish - am 30.07.2004 00:12
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