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Vancouver / NY Rangers Trade

Startbeitrag von VANCOUVER GM am 20.11.2004 18:46

To Vancouver:

G Bernie Parent

To NY Rangers:

G Curt Ridley
77 2nd round draft pick Van
77 2nd round draft pick Buf

Thanks Chris for the trade talks!

Vancouver GM


The New York Rangers, disappointed with the performance of goaltender Bernie Parent since his early season acquisition from the Philadelphia Flyers, dealt the goalie to the playoff bound, Campbell Conference leading Vancouver Canucks.

In return the Rangers receive 25 year old netminder Curt Ridley, who will learn the ropes behind veteran Gerry Desjardins. The Rangers also receive Vancouver and Buffalo's second round picks in the 1977 draft.

Other Rangers are still available for the right package nearing the end of the season. 1st rounders, and solid younger talent is sought to help tinker with the franchise's fortunes.

von NYR GM - am 20.11.2004 18:50
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